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Smart Defender SD 9-10 aka SD 10

Smart Defender SD 9-10 aka SD 10

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10 cm x 1.2 cm 80 grams 4″ x 0.5″ 3 ounces

coverage in a sphere:
radius 10 meters / 30 ft
diameter 20 meters / 60 ft

This unit can only be applied protected from the

weather inside the home or carrying it on the body.

Designed for mobile and stationary use for a small location. It covers a radius of 10 meters = 30 ft / and a diameter of 20 meters = 60 ft . It covers these dimensions as well in a sphere pattern.
The Smart Defender harmonizes the harmful electro magnetic radiation of Transmission Towers, WiFi, Smart Meters, Cell Phones, GPS, Electric Cars, regular Combustion Chamber Cars, etc.
Ideal for a small apartment, office, workspace, and when traveling for use in a combustion chamber car, electric car, air plane, train, when shopping, when strolling through streets, at work, in restaurants, hospitals, schools, movie theaters, kinder garden, hospital and so on…
as long as the person(s) to be protected is not further away as listed above in the coverage pattern.
VVery important to use to protect your children. Place the
SD 9-10 in strollers, in the school bags for kinder gardens and schools as long as the unit is not further away as listed above in the coverage pattern. Of course it protects pets as well.

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