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Good Night and Sleep Well

One may consider that for most people 6 to 8 hours uninterrupted sleep is needed.
Both your body and your mind need to rejuvenate in that period to be well prepared to tackle the next day.
However unfortunately for many people – even perhaps for most people – this is only wishful thinking.
Whenever I look around and meet with people I can clearly see that there are so many people who suffer from bad sleep on an ongoing basis. They tell me that they are tossing and turning around throughout the night. They say that they wake up the next morning feeling like they did not sleep at all and unfit to face the challenges of the new day. Apparently poor sleep effects both their health as well their mental stability.


Please bear in mind that it may take a few days to adapt to a possible improvement.

There are 2 factors that have to be considered which my product can not cover such as:
1. Mental Stress
2. The harmful influence of 4G & 5G electromagnetic radiation such with WiFi, Cell Phones etc…

To complete your maximum strategy against sleep problems, you may want to consider to have one of my products of the series SD9- 4G/5G to protect your household/sleeping room from 4G & 5G electromagnetic radiation.

This product is not FDA approved and here is no scientific proof for my assumption of what the SD3 could do.


The SD 3 covers 30 feet (10 meters) in radius. Simply place the SD3 anywhere in your sleeping room
as long as you are not further than 30 feet away from the unit. Suggestion: simply place it next to your pillow or under your pillow.

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