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Pet Mat

Pet Mat

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.Pet Mat S

for Cats and Small Dogs

40 cm x 61 cm x 4.7 mm
17” x 24” x 3/16”

Pet Mat LArge
for large Dogs or multiple pets
100 cm x 61 cm x 4.7 mm
34” x 24” x 3/16”

Place the pet mat under the blanket on which your dog normally lies, rests and sleeps. PET MAT is made from very high quality, soft surfaced PVC and is easy to clean with a soft cloth and soapy water.

Our team at IPC would like to contribute something very positive that significantly increases your pets well-being, harmonizes its area, stabilizes its energy balance, and gives it the feeling of living and functioning in a very good place.

This is possible with our HiEnergy Technology we have developed and already applied to many products. The PET MAT with the integrated information conveys precisely these feelings to these sensitive housemates and makes a decisive contribution to ensuring that they feel comfortable and are satisfied with their surroundings.

Many animals, like humans, are suffering from an environment which became, in recent years, more problematic and unhealthy from electromagnetic radiation, poor water, poor air quality, and poor food with lots of chemicals.

Of course, when writing the program for the PET MAT, we tried to integrate pressure and compulsion information that would encourage ticks, fleas, parasites and other pests to leave your faithful four-legged friends. However, we still do not know exactly whether these insects understand and act on our deterrent information! Due to other programs and products that we put on the market already, we are very confident that the information can also be utilized.

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