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Fractal Holographic Universe by Billy Carson Pre Order

Fractal Holographic Universe by Billy Carson Pre Order

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Pre Order - Delivery in 6 to 8 Weeks. All pre orders will be autographed by Billy Carson.

"Billy Carson: Fractal Holographic Universe Theory" is a fascinating exploration of the interconnectedness and complex structure of the universe. Billy Carson, an expert in ancient civilizations, spirituality, and technology, presents the idea that the universe is a fractal holographic matrix. This theory suggests that everything in the universe is interconnected, with patterns repeating at every scale.

Carson delves into how this concept aligns with ancient civilizations' understanding of the universe. He highlights those cultures like the Egyptians and Sumerians had profound insights into the universe, evident in their remarkable structures and technologies. The theory is based on the idea that the universe is composed of tiny particles or bits of information, similar to a computer program, which organizes everything around us.

An essential aspect of Carson's theory is the role of consciousness. He suggests that our thoughts and beliefs significantly impact the world. This idea finds support in quantum physics, where experiments have shown how consciousness can influence the behavior of particles and cells.

In his exploration, Carson also examines the relationship between meditation, consciousness, and the fabric of the universe. He discusses the science behind meditation and how it connects to the universe's fractal nature. The discussion includes a look at artificial intelligence, its implications in the emerging world, and how it ties into the overall concept of a fractal holographic universe.

This theory presents a thought-provoking view of the universe, linking ancient wisdom with modern scientific discoveries, and explores the profound implications these ideas have on our understanding of reality. 

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