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Egypt Before the Written History: THE LOST KNOWLEDGE OF ANCIENT EGYPT

Egypt Before the Written History: THE LOST KNOWLEDGE OF ANCIENT EGYPT

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by Mohamed Ibrahim Elbassiouny (Author), Billy Carson (Foreword)


Embark on a journey through the mists of time with Mohamed Ibrahim Elbassiouny in his riveting work, "Egypt Before the Written History: The Lost Knowledge of Ancient Egypt." This book transcends conventional chronicles to explore a civilization that shaped the very foundation of human progress, long before the advent of recorded history.

With meticulous research and a narrative as compelling as the myths of the gods themselves, Elbassiouny takes us to a world where the line between the sacred and the scientific is beautifully blurred. The pyramids, the Sphinx, and ancient temples are not just relics of stone but repositories of wisdom, holding secrets that have whispered through the ages.

Through "Egypt Before the Written History," readers will discover how a society flourished through innovation that modern science is only beginning to grasp. From architectural wonders that align with celestial bodies to medical advancements that precede their 'discoveries' by centuries, Elbassiouny presents an Egypt that challenges the very foundation of our historical understanding.

This book is a testament to a forgotten epoch, an invitation to view Egypt not as a chapter in a textbook but as a precursor to a deeper human story still being uncovered. Join Elbassiouny as he sheds light on the Lost Knowledge of Ancient Egypt, and offers a new lens through which to view the past, and consequently, the present and future of our own civilization.

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